Danish Gastronomy Mustard Sauce

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 Denmark Mustard Sauce

A sauce is very typical of Denmark Mustard Sauce, that Danes make this sauce in a peculiar manner. This sauce will use a little butter, a few tablespoons of flour, fish broth, milk, cream and mustard fish. With these small ingredients can make this sauce so tasty that much like in Denmark and used to accompany various foods such as meats.
We begin this mustard sauce by mixing the flour with the butter and then add the milk, which will then simmer until it boils. Finally add the cream and mustard. Continue stirring until you have the proper texture to get a good mustard sauce. Then we can serve the sauce with the food we most want.

The favorite foods to accompany this mustard sauce are baked potatoes, boiled egg, but depends on what everyone likes. This sauce tastes very intense. Surely if this sauce Danish evidence, you’ll like.

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